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The Struggle continues

Thanks to those who post comments. I really like to hear from all of you.

We are still working on more discipline with the big girls. Or maybe I should say that Kari is working on me. I guess that I am a push over. Even when I think that I am being pretty tough on them, I am told that I am not. I am redoubling my efforts to conform and the struggle continues.

Rylee continues to be amused by the twins and really enjoys helping out.

She was getting a little frustrated here because Madison kept moving her head. (And I know how she feels.) So she finally just held her head in place so that she had a stationary target.

It has been really fun to watch all the girls develop. I especially like watching how they problem solve, like trying to feed a baby who won't be still.

They are definitely individuals, all of them and I feel blessed just to be able to experience them.


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