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That is what we keep telling the twins, but they just don't listen.

We are terribly frustrated, they still won't eat. I was hoping that the new medication would have helped by now. The twins are starting to lose weight, which causes me immense concern. We are going to give them another week. If they have not improved significantly we will take them back to the doctor and likely insist on a referral to a gastric specialist. We are pretty certain that reflux is the culprit, we (Kari) have been doing a lot of research on the subject and they have all the symptoms. If they continue to lose weight they are likely looking at a gavage tube down their noses or a stay in the hospital. I sure hope that it doesn't come to that. It will also be nice to have happy babies for a change. The last month has been trying. Since the twins are always hungry and in pain when they try to eat, we spend a large amount of time pacing the house, bouncing the little malcontents until we can barely stand. Fourteen pounds doesn't sound like much weight, but after several hours of carrying it around you will be fatigued.

On the positive side, we are much happier now that we at least know what we are dealing with. Kari seems to be in the highest spirits that I have seen since we began this chapter of our lives. And while this chapter has been infinitely interesting, I am ready to move on to the next one.


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