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Sick again

Madison was not herself yesterday and seemed a little warm that afternoon. We check her temp around 4 p.m. and she had a fever of 102. She started vomiting around 8 p.m. We gave her some baby Motrin and that seemed to break the fever for a few hours. She didn't seem much better this morning so we took her in to the doctor. They did some chest x-rays because they suspected pneumonia. Fortunately it is only Bronchitis and we are getting her some antibiotics this evening. She has been a bear all day and isn't eating much. I hope that she gets over this quickly and no one else gets infected. I really don't know where she got it. Nobody else is sick and we try to be very careful about washing the hands. I figure that it must be me, coming into contact with all those filthy people at work.

She is up again. Got to go.


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