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The potty training continues

We are well into the second potty training cycle and are seeing promising results. One perk of waiting till the parents are ready seems to be that the child is very ready. Reagan's potty training, while there have still been a few accidents, is going much smoother than Rylee's. M&Ms are the driving force for our brand of potty training and it seems to be working well. The were a couple of "Oh oh's" today, but not as many as the successful eliminations. I am thrilled. I can actually imagine a day without diapers. And Reagan seems very pleased with herself, or maybe she is just happy to be able to run around naked for the majority of the day. Going without clothing seems appealing to me too, as long as its not too chilly. Clothes are so confining, aren't they?

The twins are doing great. Both are well over 19 lbs. Still small for normal kids, but all our kids have been on the small side. Still not a day goes by that I don't recall seeing their little bodies in the NICU and I am amazed at their progress.

Rylee noticed the other day, when I was getting out of the shower, that Dad was "different" from her.
"What's that?" She asked, with her head tilted to one side and pointing with her right hand as she stuck her left thumb in her mouth.
"Whats what?" I asked, trying to cover myslef with the towle and turning around.
"Whazthat?" she continued, walking around me and pointing agian.
She stares up at me, one thumb in her mouth and twirling her hair with her index finger.
"Dad is getting dressed. What do you want for lunch?" Fortunately 3 year olds are easily distracted. What am I going to do when I have to have the real talk with her?
I had not thought that would happen this soon. Now I keep the bathroom door locked.

Rylee has also learned that it is easy to cast the bame on her sisters.
"Who took all the toilet paper off the roll?"
"Reagan did it." she replies. Even though Reagan was taking a nap.
"Who threw all the play dough on the floor?"
"Reagan did it."
So she has the fibbing down, but she needs to work on making it more plausable.

Rylee is especially excited about Christmas. She asks almost every day when Santa is going to come. Does anyone else feel a little guilty about that national mind job to witch we all expose our children? I wonder how it came about that an entire nation, maybe the majority of the world, decided to teach their kids that a fat man, in a red suit, will show up and bring gifts if you have been good.

On the the not so bright side...

The insurance adjuster showed up to tell us "Good luck with that mold problem." Not quite said with a smile, but almost. On top of that he pointed out some roof damage (that I had not noticed) that they would not be able to help us with either. Remind me to opt for the lower deductable next time.

Kari met with a surgeon today. He advised her that he only does ablominal hernia surgery if it is accompanied by cosmetic surgery. She would like to have some nips and tucks (even though I think she looks great), but that is not covered, and so we are having to look for another surgeon. We were hopping to have this done before the end of the year. Our insurance company is changing and the doctor says that this might be considered a "pre existing condition" and not be covered by the new insurance company. That would be bad.

Our renters... I am seriously loosing my patientes. If I thought I could sell the place and get what I paid for it I would very well consider it.

We are finally getting over the colds that have been such a burden. I actually slept for more that a few minutes last night. Don't forget to be thankful for sleep.

Over all we are all doing well and looking forward to the holidays. We are thankful for all the blessings that we have, but are hoping for a smoother year next year.


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