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Ho ho ho Cough!

I suspect Jordan sampled some cat vomit this morning. I don't know for sure, but as I changed her diaper first, then Madi's diaper, and then found Jordan standing over a semi disturbed pile of, partially digested, cat chow... Yuck!

For the last week the whole family has been battling a nasty cold. Rylee and Reagan seem to have bounced back fairly quickly, the twins seem to be on the mend, but Kari and I are still feeling pretty rough. I can't recall feeling worse since the flu I got just after we brought the twins home from the hospital. So we have gotten even less done around here than normal.

My parents were able to come into town the weekend before my birthday. It was really nice to see them and I got to open my presents a few days early. Mom was a huge help with the laundry and Papa helped me get some other projects done around the house that would have lingered for quite some time. I feel bad that we immeadiately put them to work when they show up for a visit, but it sure was nice to have a little help.

We did get the truck picked up from the dealership finally. I am still shocked that a new starter for the thing cost me just shy of $1000. It is nice to have two cars running.

The people from ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) showed up for an introduction regarding Reagan's speech. They suggested that we have her hearing checked and they are sending a speech specialist to meet with her on the 15th. I thought that they would be doing a full evaluation at the first meeting, but I guess that is not how it works.

Kari spoke to the doctor after he looked at he CT scan results. She does in fact have a half inch hernia in her abdominal wall that will require surgery. She is suposed to call the surgen tomorrow to set that up.

We fortunately got the Christmas lights and tree up just before the colds hit us. However, we have to keep moving ornaments up higher on the tree due to inquisitive little people, who are attracted to all things fragile and shiny. The gate that we placed around the tree is only a slight deterant. I watch Madison stick her toes into the laticework of the fence and hoist herself up to get at a nice shiny glass bulb. I wasn't sure wheather to congratulate her or scold her.

Our renters continue to frustate us with more broken promises and no rent. "Sigh."


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