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Merry Christmas!

Even though I was feeling exhausted, as usual, when I got out of bed, I decided this is going to be a great day. I am still smiling even though it has not been going really smooth.

I got up with the girls to give Kari some much needed rest. Rylee asked for French toast, so I started clearing a space on the counter and getting out the eggs. Reagan needed some help going potty, so I paused to give her a hand. Then she wanted to play with Play Dough and I thought that would be a good distraction while I finished preparing breakfast. Then she needed some help opening the cans of dough. I finally got back to the French toast. Rylee wanted to "help." So I let her stir the eggs and dip the first couple of slices of bread. It was going a little slow so I took over the rest of the bread dipping. This set Rylee off, which maybe what set the twins to crying and then Reagan started in, due to Play Dough related difficulties. Then I sneezed.

Ever since I got my nose broken in college I am prone to ocational nose bleeds. I may not have one for years, but they never occur at a convienient time. So now I have French toast burning, all four kids crying and blood gushing out of my nose. (Sigh.) I got Rylee calmed down and gave Reagan a three count to shape up. She opted for the timeout. I mollified the twins with cups of milk and tried to staunch the bleeding. I was wondering if a toriquet would help, it might have.

So with a Kleenex suffed up one nostril I continued to serve up the breakfast. As I set the plates on the table I had to clear away the Play Dough debris. All of the Play Dough is the same color. If you mix every can you end up with a purplish brown color. Anyway, as I was packing the hemoginized Play Dough back into the little yellow cans I came across a hard pice that had an unusual shape. As I picked it up to examine it I noticed that the color was a little different from the rest. My heart sank as I realised that this was not Play Dough. Without thinking I gave it the smell test. You would think that I would know better by now. But that confirmed without a doubt that I was not holding Play Dough. I am not even going to pretend that you need an explanation of what it was.

So after lots of scrubing of all hands and table we got back to breakfast. The only lingering question is:

Did Reagan go into the litter box and bring that to the table? Or was the cat leaving us a little Christmas presant? I have launched a full scale investigation and will do everything in my power to get to the bottom of this mistery.

Later today Kari and I are considering standing in line for hours to get some pictures of our kids screaming on Santa's lap. Should be fun. You can almost count on another blog update after that adventure.

Merry Christmas.


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