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We are still here. It seems like it should be easier now and I guess in some ways that it is, but today was a long day.

I got in late last night and Kari and I spent some quality time together. After a movie and some adult conversation we got to bed around two. Reagan was up before six, so I have been dragging a little today.

The twins are still not eating as well as we would like, but they are not losing weight, so I am not too worried about it. However, they are still difficult to feed. When you stick the nipple in their mouths they just scream, loud. They don't even scream that loud when they get shots. I keep sprinkling the formula on the back of my hand to check the temperature, even though I have already checked it three or four times. They act like they are in serious pain.

They are doing a little better with the new formula, but are still thwarting our efforts to get the 24 ounces down their necks in 24 hours, like the doctor says we should. One the other hand they don't look under fed and maybe we should just relax and not force the issue with them. I am fairly certain that they will eat when they get hungry. It is hard to break from the "follow the doctor's orders" mold.

Jordan and Reagan were pills today. I think that Reagan is getting some more teeth. At several points I just had to put her in her crib and let her cry. The only way to console her is for Dad to hold her and since I was letting Kari sleep in and the twins needed attention she was out of luck. Jordan I guess is picking up bad habits from Reagan and was only happy if being held and then only if I was standing up. I took me two hours after I made coffee to get my first cup.

On a positive note at five this evening it was quiet. Usually from five till eight this place is a mad house and all four kids are acting up at the same time, but right now the twins are sleeping and Ry and Rea are watching "Dora" and not making a peep.

I have some more pictures I hope to get posted tomorrow.

I better go help with dinner.


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