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Rylee and Reagan really like watching the ducks at the park.

I can't believe how much Rylee has grown up. It really hit me when I looked at this picture. She really looks like a little girl now. No longer a little baby. Everybody says that it happens fast, but you have no idea till you see it yourself. It seems like yesterday that she was just rolling over. She is really talking now too, she repeats about every word she hears.

Ever the big sister, Rylee likes to point things out to her siblings.

It is fun to watch little kids. Every little thing is so interesting. They remind me not to take the little things for granted.

Reagan meeting a Rainbow Trout for the first time. She is going to be my tomboy I think. I guess she isn't going to need help baiting her own hook.

No trip to the park would be complete without a ride on the swings.

They would go in through the out door too.

A short break to keep the energy up.


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