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Are you inspired?

Sorry about not posting lately. There hasn't been too much noteworthy and I have not been feeling inspired.

Hilda is coming back and that is noteworthy. Kari booked her on a Mexicana flight for Monday. Grandmom is planning on going home on Wednesday I think.

The twins are doing very well for the most part. Except for feedings. For the last two weeks and especially the last several days they both scream bloody murder when you try to feed them. Only after several minutes of forcing the nipple into their mouths and them fighting it (loudly) do they start to eat, and then it is not very long before they spit it out and the competition starts over again. Some of the feedings are taking up to three hours and then it is almost time to feed them again. It is very frustrating.

Possibly it is reflux. Their medication has not been adjusted for their weight, they are getting the same dose that they were getting when they were five pounds. They must be 13 lbs at least.

Well I didn't finish this last night ... I weighed the girls this morning. Jordan is 12.8 lbs and Madison is 13.6 lbs.

Other possible causes... I don't know. They are getting over a cold and the post nasal drip could be causing a sore throat, but I would think that would make them cry all the time not just when we try to feed them.

I just got back from a trip that had a 30 hour layover in San Francisco. It was very relaxing, I just wandered around and took in the sights. The weather was perfect and I must have walked for about 6 hours. Down to the Fisherman's Warf, took a tour of a WWII submarine, up to the top of Knob hill where you have a great view of Alcatraz and then down through China town and over to Union Square.

I realized as I was wandering about at my own pace that Kari has really not been away from the kids for at least 6 months, more like a year, and I think that she needs to get away. I offered to take care of things here if she wanted to go see her mother in Dallas, but she is still thinking about it. She did take the opportunity today to get out to the mall to spend the last of her Christmas gift cards.

I hope that it is relaxing for her, she seems a bit stressed and I worry about her.

That is all for now. More later.



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