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Its been busy and we are hoping that 2010 goes more smoothly than 2009.

First of all I feel compelled to complain that my "12 cup" coffee maker only holds 8 cups of water and for some reason that kind of irks me every time I fill it up.

I started out my morning today by beating my dog for AGAIN sneaking upstairs to urinate on things. He is a little thick skulled I think and while I don't relish smacking him, the stern lecture he got last time didn't seem to work. Or maybe I am thick headed for not just keeping them outside. However, keeping them outside opens up a whole other can of worms.

I have already decided that this will be another of those rambling posts with no apparent point, just a meandering mind recorded on a blog.

Actually if everything I am thinking were to pour out on here I am not sure that I could go back and make sense of it. It is hard not to feel scatter brained around here. Every time I go to complete one task I find several other tasks that must be completed before the one that I planned on doing. For instance, (pause here to make French toast for the kids, but have to clean up some things first.) the laundry is piling up so I decide to wash a load. Someone just peed on the floor and is screaming "Yucky! Yucky!" So get the paper towels and clean that up. Dig through the piles of clean laundry to find clean panties. Once again turn to the laundry room, but there is cat litter on the floor where I want to sort the colors. There is no point in sweeping up all the cat litter on the floor if you are going to get it on the floor again when you clean the litter box, so I clean the litter box. I go to throw the used cat litter in the garbage, but the garbage can is full. "I'm hungry." "Me too" I hear. So I stop to fix some food for the little imps, but the counter is all cluttered, so I clear some room on the counter and have to do some dishes. I step on some random toy and bruise the bottom of my foot. "I did it!" I hear from the bathroom, so I stop and go to render assistance. Since the girls can not be trusted with a whole roll of toilet paper we must stop what we are doing to dispense it. Now that one girl has gone potty the others are reminded that they need to go potty. A fight breaks out over who gets to use the potty next. Much screaming and sometimes hair pulling. I break up the fight. I have one on the potty and wash the first ones hands. The second one gets done so I give her TP and usher her to the sink. Meanwhile, the fist one thought it was so much fun the first time that she strips off her panties again and climbs back on the toilet, necessitating another hand washing, and irritating another kid waiting to use the facilities. Finally get everyone cleaned up and clothes back on (Okay, we don't always bother with putting the clothes back on. Most times they take them all off with in 10 minutes of putting them on anyway.) I go back to the kitchen. Oh I have a message on Facebook. "I'm hungry!" I hear again. "Em Em!" one of the twins reminds me that I need to reward her for going potty with an M&M. Back to the cooking. I create some culinary master piece and the kids are quiet for a short time. So I empty the garbage. Where the hell is my coffee. Gah! Look at the's filthy. Oh, there's my's cold. What was I doing? Laundry... cat litter first.

I could go on, but you see the point.

Back to the potty training:

EVERY SINGLE TIME that I think they are doing really well, they stop doing really well. Usually for a whole day. Over all there is progress and I am thankful.

Reagan has done much better since we started working with her little sisters, except at night so we have gone back to pull ups at night.

I had more thoughts on this, but now I can't remember them.

Christmas snuck up on me. I knew it was coming, but the last week before hand just flew by and I found myself driving around on Christmas Eve looking for someplace still open and wondering what to buy.

We are still shopping for a new home in Florida. We have made offers on two, but still don't have a new house. The looking and the thought of trying to pack up all this... this stuff...and move it all to a new, likely smaller, house seems overwhelming.

I better get back to work. The house is trashed, the kids are restless, and the leak under the sink is still not fixed. I thought it would take about half an hour and we are on day two of repairs. We do have cold water in the kitchen at least and no more leak.


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