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I spent the day un-decorating, vacuuming the upstairs, and spraying more than a gallon of urine remover on all the spots that the kids and dogs have desecrated. Anyone who has pets or kids should pick up "Natures Miracle" at the local pet store. It is expensive, but it really works great on those spots that the dogs have claimed as their own and does a fine job on your kid's "Uh ohs."

The kids were not a huge help. Every time I turned around or had to escort one to the bathroom the others would descend on the half put away Christmas ornaments and scatter them around. I lost about another half dozen glass bulbs that way. I can see why wolves hunt in packs and can bring down much larger prey. No matter how big you are, you can't look everywhere at once. One distracts you so the others can move in for the kill.

Still having some potty training issues. Obviously, I guess, since I just admitted to using an extraordinary amount of urine remover. It is really odd. Some days they will have no accidents what so ever. The next day it is as if they have had no potty training whatsoever. I really wonder what is going through those little mind as they are standing there, bowlegged, arms raised, head tilted down staring at the urine streaming down onto my carpet, yelling "UH OH! UH OH!" Sometimes they even think to take off their panties before they let loose on my floor. That must mean they KNEW they were about to go and just did care to walk the ten steps to the bathroom. It is mind boggling. I know I have said it before, but how can it be harder to potty train a kid than to potty train a dog?

As my Dad says, "I am sure they won't do that when they get to college." I am afraid of what they WILL do when they get to college, but I have plenty of time to worry about that later.

This evening, as we were getting the kids ready for bed, I was helping Rylee in the bathroom. As I have mentioned before, the kids can't be trusted with a whole roll of toilet paper and one of us must be present to distribute the proper amount. So I was standing by the door with TP in hand waiting for her to finish up. Jordan thought it would be fun to stop in and see what was happening. Jordan likes to tickle Rylee when she is sitting on the pot. Rylee doesn't think it is very funny, but Jordan and I do. Anyway, Jordan decides to hang on the toilet paper dispenser. No, not me, the one fastened to the wall. I keep telling them that those will break, but they don't listen. I only saw it happen out of the corner of my eye, so I am not sure exactly what happened. But as far as I can tell, Jordan put all of her weight on the TP dispenser and it dislodged from the wall with a sudden snap, causing her to fall backward rapidly. She crashed into the bathroom door and ended up flat on her back right in front of Rylee. Meanwhile the door, which she set into motion with her skull, was traveling in the opposite direction at a high rate of speed. Fortunately I stopped the door. Unfortunately I stopped the door with my face.
You wouldn't think that a little imp, weighing not more than 30 lbs , could generate much momentum. But I tell you what, she did and it hurt. My front tooth is just a little loose.

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  1. Kevin said...
    Dude, Kyle, who is 6, constantly has "Accidents", and not just urine but mostly with poop! But get this, it is because he says he doesn't want to stop playing and waits until last minute to tell someone he has to go. Well, he is super regular and at that piont, it is too late. We keep telling him it is not an accident if you willingly wait. Just last week he did it two days in a row, once at school. So I bought him pull ups and made him wear them like a baby for a few days. He did not like that one bit. It seemed to work better than taking things away from him, yelling, or spanking as that so far has done nothing. I'm told there is something more to it but I truly think he just would rather poop himself than stop playing on the paly ground or some sort of game! He is worse now than when a baby.

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