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It is still hard to believe what a medical mystery my wife has been lately. The doctors have not been much help till now.

Kari's right leg began to swell up two days ago, while I was at work. I was very concerned when she told me about it and encouraged her to call someone to watch the kids and have it checked out, but she thought it was improving and decided to wait until I got home. She thought it might have been caused by eating too much bacon, I thought that was crazy talk (but I didn't tell her that). The salt causing her to retain water or something. Anyway, when I got home yesterday we decided that she should go to the ER and see what they had to say. It turns out that her electrolytes were low from weeks of having GI trouble and the bacon WAS probably a big part of the problem. Kari is a picky eater and seems to pick a favorite food and eat it almost exclusively for a week or two before becoming tired of it and switching to a new obsession. And so she had eaten A LOT of bacon.

It also turns out that she was having a migraine when she went to the hospital. She didn't know it was a migraine, but she had a bad headache and tingling sensations in her hand and arm. Her symptoms prompted them to give her a CT scan to make sure that it was not a stroke. She must hold some sort of record for the most CT scans in the shortest amount of time. She has four this year. Three in the last couple of months.

Not too excited to find out that my wife is now prone to migraines and has been advised to go on a low sodium diet, but I was very relieved to hear that we are not dealing with strokes and or blood clots.

All the girls are doing well. I am thankful for that.


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