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It was a long day today, even though Kari let me sleep in. For some reason the twins, check that, the twins and Reagan all seemed to be more whiny than usual. For three hours I started to time how long the silence lasted between crying fits. Guess how long. Don't know? Don't care? Can't say that I blame you. Eight minutes. Eight minutes is about all the time you have to do anything uninterrupted. It can be very frustrating.

I didn't actually say it, but I was thinking "I don't care what you do or how dirty you get, as long as you can do it without crying."

The day wasn't completely horrible. The kids seem to be able to mix enough smiles, giggles and general cuteness in there to make it all worth it.

Here is a rambling list of things and moments that I would like to remember:

Reagan has really become Mother Hen to the twins. Kari found her pushing them on the swings the day before yesterday. When one of the twins was having trouble climbing up the slide Reagan took her by the hand and led her around to the ladder saying "Come on sweetie. There ya go."
Rea plays with and entertains them all the time. Or maybe she just tolerates them being around better than Rylee does. Rylee is always coming up asking "Daaaad?" It always starts with "Daaaad?" even when I am looking right at her and she can see that she has my full attention. I have tried to explain that she doesn't need to say "Daaaad?" when I am obviously already paying attention, but it hasn't made a difference. "Daaaad?"
"Yes, Rylee?"
"Yes, Rylee. What is it? I am listening to you."
"Dad, can you get the babies out of my room, so I can, so I can, um, so I can play?"
"Why don't you let the babies play too?"
"Um Daaaad?"
"Yes, Rylee?"
"Dad, I want to play by myself."

And I can understand that. Two year olds are pests. But it is nice that at least one of the older girls is including them. Or at least not excluding them.

It seems like every time someone gets hurt and Kari or I walk in and ask "What happened?" the first thing anyone says is "I didn't do it."

Parent: "What happened?"
Oldest child: "I didn't do it."
Parent: "That isn't what I asked."
Oldest child: Silence, with a guilty look on her face. Bottom lip stuck out, eyes downcast, hands clasped in front of her, weight shifting from one foot to the other and back again. Younger hurt child continues to scream.
Parent: "Is she hurt?"
Oldest child: "She bonked her head, but I didn't do it."
Parent: "Well you should give her a kiss. You are sisters, you need to take care of each other. And you should come tell me if one of your sisters gets hurt."
Oldest child: "Okaaaaaay."

That is all I feel like typing at the moment. More later.


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