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Not much new to report. We are pretty much settled back into our routine.

The twins are getting bigger and we relish every new behavior. We are still keenly aware of their struggles early on and every small accomplishment seems like a huge milestone to us.

Both Madison and Jordan have begun to say a few words other than Mama and Daddy. "Oh oh" is my favorite, at least until that phrase is linked to an event that deserves an "oh oh." We also here "tickle, tickle, tickle" and "Thank yooooou."

Madison is taking over as the number one drama queen. She seems a bit more needy than Jordan. Jordan will wander around and amuse herself and is not in the habit of pushing and shoving if she is not getting her way. Madison, on the other hand, has been known to pull her siblings off of my lap by their hair when she would like to sit there. She has also mastered the "screaming sack of potatoes" technique of protesting what ever it is that is troubling her at any given moment. You know the one where the child will collapse into a heap on the floor and refuse to do anything but scream until she is picked up and pacified. It is very effective for getting what you want.

Reagan is emerging as a real mother hen. I had her pegged as strictly an enforcer, but she has been showing her softer side. She still keeps the twins in line and restricts their use of toys that she deems inappropriate, but now she will go a find a bottle for them if they are crying. She also likes to push a chair over to their highchairs and help them eat. "One bite for you, one bite for me." Peek-a-boo is a favorite game between Reagan and the twins. I am very pleased to see Reagan getting more involved with the twins. Up until recently she seemed completely uninterested in the twins unless they were getting into her stuff or her space.

Rylee is very good about entertaining the twins and has learned that it is fun to tickle them. Over all the kids are much better about entertaining eachother. We still have to step in and refaree pretty often, but seems to be getting a little easier.


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