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Another Anniversary

Well we made it another year and that makes five. I figure with all Kari and I have been through in the last two years we can make it through pretty much anything. Due to our renters not paying up, we kept the evening low key. That and June and Wayne came over to see us and the grand babies. I found a great deal on filet mignon and we had ourselves a feast. We had a great time. Not the most romantic anniversary we have ever had, but it was very pleasant. It is always nice to have some family around to help out with the kids if even for a little while.

The kids are all doing great. Rylee is still a drama queen. She melts down and the slightest perceived insult from a sister or the mildest rebuke. She is a sweet girl though and enjoys making the twins laugh. She and Reagan play together more and more, which is nice sometimes. When they are chasing eachother around the house and giggling it is great, but when they are fighting over toys and pushing eachother down it is another matter.

We are still trying to get in gear to potty train Reagan. She is ready, but it is still so much work with all the kids. It is not convenient to run a kid to the bathroom every 15 minutes. She is probably the most cuddly of the four. There is no better feeling than having a two year old's hands on your face or her breath on your neck as she squeezes your neck tight.

The twins are growing and changing so fast. They have started to talk a little bit. Jordan seems to be a little more laid back and independant. Madison is a bit of a brute. It is not uncommon for her to attempt to pull a sibling off my lap by the hair or confiscate a toy from Jordan. She shows not the least bit of remorse for causing her sister's tears. However, if she is not getting her way she will lay in a heap on the floor and just wail.

Kari's Mom has been in Houston to help open the new Costco downtown. On Sunday we all went down for a tour. Reagan was just in awe. All those people and those things to touch. It must be a little overwhelming when you are only 34 inches tall. I do like walking around with her on my sholders, her little hands grasping my cheeks. The twins didn't make a peep the whole time. They just sat there wide eyed, taking it all in. I think June had a good time showing off the grand kids to all her co-workers.


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