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The Duality of Mankind

I was sitting out back this evening enjoying a refreshing adult beverage with my beautiful wife. We were discussing the days events when Reagan, our four year old, came out through the sliding glass door. She skipped around for a few minutes and then noticed a dead dragon fly on the ground.
"Oh! Is he dead?" She asked, looking rather hurt.
"Yes, honey, he is dead" I said.
She squatted down and inspected him more closely and tentatively prodded him with her index finger. Without taking her eyes from the dragon fly she said, "Can we pick him up?"
"Yes, you can pick him up." I said.
She gently placed him in the palm of her hand and stood up. She held it so the golden light of the late afternoon sun shown upon him and gazed at him intently for several minutes. She gently caressed his glittery wings and frowned. Madison came over to investigate and she too gently stroked the little dragon fly's wings. Reagan then turned to me and very solemnly asked "Dad, can we bury him."
"Yes, we can bury him. That would be nice. The poor guy." I said. "Do you need me to help or can you do it by yourself?"
"I can do it by myself." She said and glanced back down at her upturned palm.
Then she noticed a june bug crawling a just in front of her. She squatted down again, careful not to upset the dragon fly in her hand, and peered for a moment at the june bug. Then with her free hand she reached over and picked up a shoe and SMACKED the june bug repeatedly.
"Look, Dad! I made his blood come out!" She shrieked with delight.
"Uh huh, you sure did." I said.
Then she and Madison walked out in the yard and, after a few words, laid the dragon fly to rest in a shallow grave dug with a plastic shovel.


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