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Animal Crackers and airplanes

Every time that I come home from a trip Kari has a slew of amusing stories. Mostly about the kids and they are funny mostly because I can relate to the frustration. I am trying to be better about writing them down, because my memory is really slipping in this whirlwind that we call life and there is no telling how many stories have been lost.

Kari was asleep. (Most of the really good stories start this way.) Rylee had come down stairs to inform her that "The sun wake up." It didn't take her long to notice the quiet. That quiet that sets off alarm bells in parent's heads. She climbed to the top of the stairs and looked. All the doors were closed and all was quiet. Very suspicious. She moved to the big girl's door and tilted her head a little to listen. There was movement, but it was very quiet. She opened the door slowly and stepped into the room.

Reagan had let the twins out of their room. We don't forbid this, but we certainly don't encourage the big girls to release the little girls, especially when we are still asleep. Reagan has become a bit of a mother hen to the twins. And this morning she obviously thought that they looked hungry. It is also obvious that she knows that animal crackers require pre-approval before consumption. She is very good about eating contraband in discreet locations and behind closed doors.

Reagan, Madison, and Jordan were all perched on the foot of Reagan's bed. They were using the footboard (I guess that is what you call it. The opposite end from the headboard.) as an impromptu table. Reagan had divided the animal crackers evenly between the three of them and they were munching away happily. Reagan looked very surprised when Kari barged in on breakfast. She still had the animal cracker box set next to her personal pile of cookies. Her eyes went wide and she snatched the box and stuck it down behind the footboard, out of sight. Jordan on the other hand stood up with a big smile, held up a big handful of soggy, partially masticated, cookies so that Kari could get a good look at them. Madison only glanced up with a half smile and with her elbows still resting on the end of the bed, casually popped another animal cracker in her mouth.

Reagan, seeing that she was completely busted, resorted to her go-to defense. She smiled as big as she could. It is huge smile that is usually accompanied by a giggle. It makes her cheeks bunch up and look extra pinchable and causes her eyes to squint. The smile says "I am so glad to see you, you have just made my day" and is mixed with just a hint of sheepishness. It is a knowing smile, yet still innocent. She has the look mastered and it is nearly impossible to be cross with her while she is wearing that smile.

"Reagan...You know you are supposed to ask permission before you eat those. Right?" Kari scolded while trying not to smile.
"I sawweeeeeeee." She said. The smile fading for just a moment and then reappearing as she was becoming more certain that she had gotten away with it.
"And you know that there is no food allowed upstairs." Kari continued.
"OOOOOOkay." Reagan said, switching her smile from "melt" to "incapacitate."
Kari unable to endure anymore cuteness said "Okay, lets all go down stairs."

Another anecdote that I found endearing: We live right on the finale approach to Hook's Airport and the girls always enjoy watching the airplanes fly over. Kari had all the girls outside playing in the yard. It was near dusk and an airplane began its approach with his landing light on. "What is that?" Asked on of the girls.
"Thats an airplane." Replied Kari.
"Its DADDY!" They cried. "Its Daddy coming home!" (I guess they thought I could just land there in the yard.)
They continued to watch the airplane approach with growing anticipation. I can just see Rylee bouncing up and down on her toes, like she does when she gets excited.
And then the airplane passed overhead with a roar and was gone from sight. There was silence for a moment and then Reagan piped up, "THATS not Daddyyyyyyy!" And they all giggled.


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