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Kid update

Rylee has had a fever on an off for the last three weeks. Sometimes getting over 105 degrees. We are hoping that she just has a virus, but it seems odd for a couple of reasons:
1. She had a fever for a week, was better for almost two weeks, got the fever again for several days, went almost 48 hours with no fever, and now she has a fever again (104.6 degrees this morning.)
2. She has been out in public only once in all that time. So where did she get it?
3. None of the other kids have been sick.
4. She has no other symptoms. She is much less active when her fever spikes, but other than that she seems fine.
5. We are having to alternate between Motrin and Tylenol every three hours to keep the temp below 102.

I don't think of myself as a worry wart, but we are taking her back to the doctor tomorrow. It just seems strange. The only thing that we have found on the internet that matches those symptoms (other than a virus) is a urinary infection or Periodic Fever Syndrome (or something like that.) We aren't freaking out, but are becoming concerned.

Reagan -

I think she has become very frustrated with her speech issues. We have noticed that she talks much less now than she did just a month ago.

I don't know if it is related, but she has become much more rebellious and uncooperative. One moment she will be all smiles and the next she is down right hostile. Folding her arms, chin tucked down, no eye contact, refusing to even try to speak, running away and hiding. Is this normal? Kari says that she is a Gemini with a split personality.

Also she is having a MAJOR set back in the potty training. She was doing great and having almost no accidents. Now she often doesn't even try to get to the bathroom. I am wondering if she is using that to seek attention. I think we went through 10 pairs of panties the other day. It is very frustrating.

The twins are still cutting teeth and are pretty grouchy a majority of the day. Other than that they are doing really well.


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