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Purple Nurples

Reagan was sitting on the couch the other night, just watching a little TV. Madison was amusing herself by by vaulting over the arm of the couch, landing on her face, and then swinging her feet back to the ground to do it again. I am not sure if Reagan got kicked, but something rubbed her the wrong way. She caught Madison at the top of the armrest on her next circuit and with an angry look on her face gripped Madison's nipple and twisted.

Now where did she learn to give titty twisters? I have never seen Boots give Dora a "purple nurple." I can assure you that Kari and I didn't teach her that. I can only assume that it is an instinctual behavior. Do you think it developed in the caveman stage? It must be some sort of survival skill.

I am still amazed by how sweet our kids can be to each other and by how mean they can be, not five minutes later. A couple of nights ago I was sitting on the couch and Reagan came over carrying an arm full of toy dolphins. Madison and Jordan started fussing and so Reagan gave them each a dolphin to sooth them. A couple of minutes later she was trying to shove them off the couch with her feet.

The girls have changed dramatically in the last several months. The twins are really trying to speak more often. I remember being very pleased with Rylee and Reagan when they began speaking, but it seems like a bigger deal with the twins. I guess everything they do seems like a huge triumph after what they have been through. Reagan's speech seems to be improving a little at a time, but there is still much room for improvement.

Sorry to family and friends that have been relying on this blog for the latest updates. I guess I have been on sabbatical. I was taking a little time to wallow in self pity and was not wanting to whine too much about it on here. Everyone was sick, the cars needed work, the oven quit working (just to name a few) and we were unable to do much about any of it at the time. It was just a bit overwhelming. I was just a little too busy counting my problems instead of my blessings.

"Its okay" is our new mantra. Just keep repeating that and it seems to get a little better.


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