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This post is really just for me. Just some moments that could get lost in the shuffle of events that occupy my gray matter.

First a quick update:

I took the twins in for their 18 month check up today. I suspected that Kari asked me to take them because there was going to be shots involved and she doesn't like to be the bad guy. She said that she just wanted to get some cleaning done while we were out, but I got her to admit the real reason. So I am the bad guy this time. I think they will forgive me.

Both girls are right around 20 lbs. Madison still has about a half of a pound on Jordan. Jordan weighed in at 19.8 lbs and 30 inches. A huge improvement from her minuscule 1 lbs. 13 oz arrival weight, but I have still caught fish bigger than her. Madison measured 30.5 inches, but we think they measured wrong and Jordan is slightly taller than Madison.

Jordan wasn't pleased with anything about the doctor's examination and it goes without saying that the shot didn't improve her humor. Madison on the other hand was having a grand time at the doctor's office. I should have brought the stroller to keep them captive, but I didn't and Madi was wandering all over. It wasn't too bad in the exam room, but when we went out to the scale she bolted down the hall and started peeking in on other patients. She made quite a few new friends. She does not like to be told where to go.
"Madison, we are going this way." I called after her. She paused long enough to look back and smile before continuing the way she wanted to go.
"Madison! Come back here."
"Madi!!" And she is gone around the corner.
"Sigh" And I charge after her. She smiles again. I take her by the hand. She takes a few steps with me and then colapses like a sack of potatos. Fortuantely, the nurse gives me a hand.

One thing I found interesting was Jordan's concern for her sister. While Madison was getting her check up, her Binky became dislodged and was left up on the exam table. She didn't seem to mind and was going about her business, climbing on chairs and examining books. Jordan, who was in my arms because she was being fussy, kept reaching for the exam table. I thought that she wanted a book that I had set up there. When I tried to give her the book she pushed it away and again lunged toward the table. So I stood up with her and leaned her over the table. She immediately snatched up the pacifier and lurched toward Madison. So I leaned over and Jordan stuck it back in Madison's mouth. Then she was fine. She just had to make sure that her sister had her Binki. I found it odd that she was so concerned about that, when usually I am breaking up fights because one or the other has stolen a pacifier right out of the other's mouth. It was touching though.

Madison did great at the doctor's. She didn't even shed a tear when she got her shot. I was pleasantly surprised. Both girls got a clean bill of health and don't have to go back till they are two.

I feel like Kari and I are kind of back in the swing of things, we had both been a little down since Christmas. Money has been tight, not that that is any thing new, but it made Christmas a little bit more stressful. That and the change in routine threw us a little off balance. But now we have the house cleaned up, the laundry sort of under control, and find ourselves in a little better humor.

The potty training continues... Reagan was doing so well in the begining and I was thinking that this was going to be a snap. But there have been some set backs. Some of it is kind of humorous, now that it is over. However, she still insists on waking me up each morning by setting a green plastic bowl, full of urine, on my face. She is able to use the big toillet and I am not sure why she is inclined to use the training potty first thing in the morning. I am thinking of putting it up, especially since she has been less careful about not spilling it on the way down the stairs.

Some times Reagan is very good about letting us know when she needs to go. Other times she is just to busy to be bothered with it. The other night we were standing in the kitchen, getting dinner started. Reagan was standing on a chair at the island "helping" when I noticed that she was begining to fidget.
"Do you need to go pee pee?" I asked.
"YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!" she chirpped while grabbing her crotch. We will have to work on the etiquette later. She hopped down from the chair took two steps toward the bathroom, paused, looked down, pulled her pants down around her ankles, and then resumed "running" to the toillet. I don't think I will forget the sight of her shuffling as fast as she could go with those pants down around her feet and her arms flapping up and down. After I wiped the tears from my eyes and got the laughing under control I had a talk with her.
"It is better if you wait till you get to the bathroom to take your pants down, because it is easier to run with you pants on." I said, trying to look serious.
"OOOOOh kaaaaayy." she replied with a grimace.
"Good girl. Lets go wash hands."

The twins have proven to us that they know right from wrong, but chose to do wrong anyway. They know that they are supposed to stay out of the drawers in the changing table, where we keep their pajamas. The other night, while I was away on a trip, Kari noticed that the twins were not in the room and it was quiet. That is always a warning sign. Then she heard Reagan, the enforcer, saying "No, no, no, no." and heard the sound of the drawers being opened. She walked around the corner to investigate. There stood Jordan, gleefully pulling the neatly folded pajamas out of the drawer. Jordan hadn't seen Kari enter the room and she continued ransacking the drawer. Kari shifted her weight and put her hands on her hips. Jordan looked up. When she saw Kari she jumped so much that Kari thinks her feet may have left the ground. Then she broke into a huge grin and with all of her weight she slamed the drawer. However, there were still pajamas hanging out, preventing the drawer from closing completely. And so with a big "It wasn't me" grin she began quickly trying to stuff the clothing back in.
"You stay out of those drawers." Kari told her for the thousandth time.
"That is a no no." Kari said.
"Good girl, good girl." Jordan replied.

Rylee is really starting to be a help around the house. And I almost don't have to put help in parenthesis. Every night she and Reagan pick up toys before bed and she has even started to help her sisters without being prompted. Reagan still has a little trouble getting her clothes on and Rylee will come and give her a hand. I heard them talking the other night and poked my head around the corner to see what was going on. Reagan was laying on the floor with her legs in the air, while Rylee was trying to push pants onto her legs. I found it comical because Rylee was saying exactly what I might say.
"Ray Ray, put your legs down." She was saying. "No, put your legs down." "Hmmph." "Can you stand up?" "Ray Ray, stand up." It took some work, but they succeed in getting her pants back on.

Reagan is Kari. Kari has a mini-me. They look the same, if you look at Kari's childhood photos. And it became very apparent last night that they act the same. When the big girls were picking out pajamas for bed time. Reagan pulled out a pair of pajama bottoms, put them on, stood up, examined her self, took them off, rummaged through the drawer (of previously neatly folded clothes), choose a new pair, tried them on, couldn't find the matching shirt, took them off, put on the first pair, took them off, found another pair, settled for a shirt that kind of matched and put it on backward. All the while Rylee, who had put her pajamas on and gone to the top of the stairs, was calling to Reagan. "Come here Reagan."
"No." Reagan replied over and over in a low deadpan voice. She was focused and was not going to be interupted until she was propery attired.

Very fun to watch. Hard not to laugh.


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