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Getting back to normal

The end is in sight for our latest adventure.

I returned to Houston on the 26th. I had to be ready for work early on the 27th. The power was still off when I got there. So after trying to make friends with the cat again with a can of tuna I decided to get to work on cleaning up the outside of the house. I borrowed a chainsaw from a neighbor and removed the downed tree in the back yard. The pool was really in bad shape. I think I have discovered several new life forms living in it. I have never seen anything like them. One looks like a cross between a worm and a shrimp. I also found, while cleaning the skimmers, that the little buggers bite. It scared the snot out of me. Some of these things have grown to several inches in length. So I dumped about ten pounds of shock in the pool and spent many hours using the skimmer net like a shovel mucking out the bottom of the pool. I barely put a dent in it. There is a lot of work left to do when we finally get home.

Since we left in kind of a rush and had not done laundry before Ike arrived, the house looks like a proper disaster zone. I actually had most of the toys picked up before we left. However, after leaving the kids to play while we packed the mess is bigger than it was. Those kids are a first class wrecking crew.

I hope to be back in Florida tomorrow night or early the next day. We plan to drive back after Kari's last dentist appointment.

It has been really nice visiting with the parents, but I think that everyone is ready to go home.


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