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Phat girls are the best.

Good news. In the last 24 hours Jordan and Madison have both consumed more than 26 oz. of formula. Given that over the last six weeks we have not been able to get them to eat more than about 10 to 15 oz. This is big news. I was very distraught when they started to lose weight and can not find the word to express my relief. I was honestly expecting another hospital stay the way things were going.

Other news on the home front: This evening I moved Reagan's crib back into the twins room so that Madison could use it. Madison and Jordan have now both moved from the bassinet to the cribs because they where starting to crawl forward and smoosh their faces in the the end of it.

Reagan is spending her first night in a big girl bed, and she was not too pleased about it. She has been sleeping in her crib in Rylee's room for a few weeks. Tonight Rylee fell asleep in front of the TV and we waited a bit for Reagan to get good and tired, we were expecting some resistance to the change. Reagan gathered up her plush toys, she has so many that she looked like she was off to do a load of laundry, and started trudging up the stairs ahead of Rylee and I. I notice that her pajamas were a few sizes too big, her feet were about where the knees were supposed to be and the footies were dragging behind her on the floor. So after I watched her struggle up three steps I scooped her up and carried both girls to the top of the stairs. I set Reagan down and she shuffled toward the bed room with a pleasant smile on her face. I stepped past her to lay Rylee, still sleeping, in the bed. When I turned around Reagan was standing just inside the door, the smile was gone, replaced by a bewildered look. She was staring at the spot where her crib used to sit. It was priceless, she looked at the empty spot where her crib was then she looked at me with a blank expression, back to the empty spot, back to me with her bottom lip stuck out. I picked her up which was fine with her, but then I put her on the bed and that was not fine. She was not happy with that at all. I tried, unsuccessfully, to get her to lay down and after about five minutes of soothing tones and petting her head, I gave up and left her in a sitting position at the head of the bed, hollering quite loudly. I am amazed that Rylee slept through it all. After I shut the door, she squawked for about a minute and then accepted her fate and went to sleep.

I win.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the morning, now that she will be free to move about when she wakes up. I half expect to find her sleeping on the floor.


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